About Us

We are Smarter By Design, experts in innovative smart home solutions

For centuries we, as a society, have been improving the way our homes suit our lifestyles while becoming more energy-efficient and practical. Home automation is the next step in that progressive journey. It is the future of how our homes can respond to our lifestyles and automatically make the adjustments required to suit our needs. That future is now here.

With features like far-from-home monitoring, automatic window and door locking, automated gardening, intercom control, home theatre management, appliance control, climate management, mood lighting and much more, the possibilities are endless.

We, at Smarter By Design, are all about providing customised smart home solutions so that home owners can take advantage of these features and enjoy all the benefits of a smart home. We are not limited to one product or one brand or one budget. We work with multiple systems to provide the setup that best suits each application and need.